Saturday, January 31, 2009

X - Country ski today

Rhino snapped a picture when i got back this morning. After about a 4 m ski. Feel tired but its a good kind of tired!!

Going thur the woods @ Carpenter park on the Riverview Trail.

True meaning of a tree house the opening is over 6ft tall
As i was coming up to the river i was thinking about taking my skis off and get on the bridge to take a picture down the river. What are the odds a train shows up???

Backwater slough where the water ran out and dropped the ice about 5ft

This week i loogged about 13 miles on skis and about 6 miles on the bike. I am so ready for a long ride!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Wow!!!! its been a long time since i been here. Cabin fever i say yes.I been busy with hockey and the usally winter activities. But i am ready for the bike. This past weeked i was at the rink for 6 hockey games. I know what your thinking WHY???? Well unless your a hockey puck you really wouldnt understand why.... But i love it

Today we had snow so everything is bright and clean!! To bad it wouldnt snow inside Nelsom Center it could use a good cleaning on the inside. Me rhino just got done plowing snow at the office building and when i got home i checked my Facebook. Yea thats right Facebook i was curious about it and really the only way you can see how it works you need to join so i did.
Not sure what to think about Facebook book but i am messing around and posting some stuff on there...... So if your a member look me up???

With the new so snow i decided to go x-country skiing i guess i did about 2 miles what a great workout. Last week i was at Kolbe window factory for some Training and how cool is that right in Wausau is Rib mtn ski resort on mon they have free ski rental so night sking it was to bad it was 25 below!! at the end of the week i meet the boys for a day of snowmobiling then it was off to Chicago for a hockey tourney all in all i was gone 9 days feels good to be home and i welcomed the snow reminds me of the northwoods!!!

I would like to get a meeting together for the bike group soon so keep a eye out for a email!!

Out for now

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Year End Review

The boys with Tim Wilkerson

In getting ready for the new year i thought i post some pictures from last year!