Saturday, May 31, 2008

consider it ramped

How about a little biathlon to get warmed up for the main event in 20 days? How awesome it was this morning - perfect weather - clear and sunny - time to break in the jerseys. Seven of them got broken in pretty well today! Our team captain was two slots away from bringing home hardware even! I couldn't have been prouder of everyone - you guys did so great!!!

Oh - and just in case things weren't ramped up enough - Ray and Terry thought they might as well get in a little more fun and play some hockey against some guys from Canada - no big deal - they only won 9 - 3. AWESOME!!!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Ray's Green tip of the day (okay maybe it's a Eco Tip)
Get better mileage by driving the speed limit or by coasting up to the red lights!!
Okay better yet park the car and bike to work!!!
See ya @ the Corner

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Ride

After last week's 32 miles - I figured that I was peaking. Honestly last weekend's ride exceeded any expectations I had for myself. Never a cyclist before, I couldn't imagine mnoths ago when this plan was born, to ride in Dekalb, in June, that I would ever be able to ride that many miles on a bike. To those who may be reading this and are experienced cyclists, I understand you might not see that I would even be remarking about it, but as a complete novice and (I know you might be shocked) non-athlete all my life, the fact that I spent three consecutive hours on a bike is nothing short of amazing.

What is even more amazing is that I got back on the bike the following weekend and made it, again. This weekend, thanks to our tripmaster John, we made another great trip. John has a gift for blazing our trails. What's great about them, well to me, as a novice, is the scenery is beautiful (like seeing the bricks on Old Route 66, or a baby colt along the way), and the stretches we ride are never too long is one direction. It seems like just when I feel like I can't push ahead into the wind for another second, we turn and suddenly the wind is at our backs again, just when I was ready to give up. Or we tuck into a trail that has enough tress to block out whatever elements we are facing, just long enough to give us a break - so that we can continue on. And believe me - there are moments when I feel like I am going to break. Moments when I am barely crawling along. But its those moments that I stay determined not to quit. Sometimes my will alone isn't enough, and somehow my friends know when that is because its just then that Shannon will say "good job Brenda! you killed the hill!" or Terry will hang back just long enough to distract me from my thoughts of "what the hell am i doing out here?" to ask me how i'm doing - how is work, something random but very welcome when my mind is questioning me "what makes you think you can ride with this group? you can't do it." These moments are serendipitously broken up by my friends. John circling back to see if I'm holding up ok, Ray circling back and zipping by yelling something - anything to make me smile for a moment - kill the hill, or keep working, or I'm bonking! - Dodie constantly telling me I can do it.

Wow - looking back here - I didn't intend for this whole post to be about me! This ride for Beth is turning out to be a gift for me, as well. I guess what I'm to say is - I'm thankful for my friends that help my push myself to do more than I thought I could. Because let me assure anyone reading this - there is no greater feeling than pushing yourself farther than you thought you could; and surviving it!

We rode 33 miles this Saturday - just slightly farther than last Saturday. I haven't talked as much lately about the miles we've gone - although I did meet (finally) meet a personal goal of 10 miles without a stop - what's more interesting to me at the moment is - what is going to happen next? What is waiting for us next week? I'm more excited at this point to see where we're going!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Preakness or Peaking

Well there was no Big Brown in the group!! But we did have Greg Pinto join us yesterday!! Glad you joined us!! Where do i start??? I cant be more proud of our group!!!! We killed it yesterday logging 33 miles on the ride wowowowowowow!! Yes, Terry, Shannon and John killed another 3 miles on there ride home, well done!

Wind was a factor as were the hills but after a couple of sport beans we just keep killing it!!! We left Panera on Wabash and headed towards the Rochester trl then thur the country passing all the oil wells. Dodie was yelling take a picture by the oil wells!! No body was stopping so she click the chain off White Lighting so we had to stop!!!

All in all I say our team is peaking at the right time since were only 30 day out to the big ride!! Trudy you out there??? Was it something I said???

The talk for next week is the team wants 40 m???? Is it possible our rides might start being 50 miles every sat??? How cool would that be?? Think about the sites we could see in a 50 m radius???? Here's a thought - we could ride to the Panera in Lincoln???? Okay I know what your thinking when will I bring up the chill's and spill's sorry to disappoint you!! Weather was awesome infact I think I seen John topless at one point??? Who know's?? Spill's well I guess we did have one John forgot to clip out and PAPOW!! Down he went!! But all was good with our trip master!!
Here's a update on our teams election!!
John - Trip Master
Shannon -Asst Trip Master
Terry- Web Master
Brenda- Photographer
Beth-Event Coordinator
Dodie- Post ride Coordinator
Tim Healy- Treasurer (healy put whole name in since he yet to show up)
We still have opening on the board so step up !!! or you will be elected!!
How's it go SOME PEOPLE STEP UP!! OR SOME PEOPLE SHOW UP Which i am neither!!

Green Tip of the day: Please stop taking all the plastic bags from Walmart.Find a nice Bag and reuse!! When you shop!! Okay I am rambling I will stop now but think about it??

Peace Ray

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

National Bike to Work Day

May 16 is National Bike to work day! Check it out here and also here.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Medic ?

Do we need to have medical personnel follow us on our rides ? So glad to hear Shannon is okay after two spills. Sorry I missed the ride. Mother's Day in Chicago at a Cubs game, great fun and Cubbies win !!!!

What's Going On???

Let's me recap the week:

- Thursday nite ride 11m and brenda get flat tire

- Saturday morning John, Terry, Shannon and myself leave Panera for a 30 m ride but at 14 m mark Terry broke a spoke! So after a road-side repair we removed Terry's spoke and brake pads so the tire would turn freely.

We started to limp back to Panera and all of a sudden PAPOW ®*
!! Shannon was down!!! Looking Back to see if Terry was up and running, she turned around and she was down just a little blood from her left knee. As we continue riding back, we all take turns riding and talking to Terry. I keep telling him he had a pair of Zipp wheels in his future. All he could say was I paid alot for this Trek Postal bike!! Hello? Terry its got 5000 miles on it, why do you think he sold it?!! It's nickel and dime time!!

As we come up to Bogey Hill's, John and Shannon are behind us about a 1/2 m. So Shannon didn't know where the turn was - but John did and as he turned Shannon was going straight!! You guessed it PAPOW ® ! Shannon down again this time she got the right knee bloody and got some road rash on her helmet!! But all in all she was fine and vowed still to get 30 m in that day!! Great job Shannon on getting 30 yesterday!! Okay Brenda do you see the importance of a helmet?? While Beth decided on a Zumba class, Dodie decided on a Cubs game in Chi!!

Let me remind all you non-riders there are only 40 days left till the ride!!!!! Let's ramp up and get some miles this week!!!!

Lastly I spoke to the Tour De Farms folks and ask if they would have sag wagon follow Team Copaxone because right now we cant go 10 miles without a breakdown!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all!

*PAPOW is a registered trademark of Ray Larson

Monday, May 5, 2008

Sort of a last minute plan - we decided to do the MS Walk in Washington Park Sunday. It turned out to be a beautiful day!! Most of the time I was thinking - why didn't we have this weather YESTERDAY?? It was sunny and warm - a perfect day for their event. Just wanted to post some pictures I took. Walkers included Ray, Hannah and Ryan Larson, Dodie Stannard, Brenda, Dylan and Wyatt Miller.... along with a couple hundred other people from the area - I think their event was a big success! Some of the wildlife photos were taken by my son Wyatt - enjoy :)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Reason for the Season

Beth, how fitting you having the yellow jersey on for 25 miles today you lead most of the way!! With John on your tail or was he watching your tail??? Who knows??? John sorry to disappoint ...this was John 1st time for a sat ride and Panera breakfast!!Sitting with Dodie,Beth and Brenda John thought M.S stood Multible Sex!! Dekalb watch out Team Copaxone coming to your town!!

OKAY!!! I have to get this off my Chest the F-in Weather sucks!!!! OMG!!! We left @ 8am it was 61 out when we got back it was 47. Lets see Rain, Wind, Hail, Sleet, Wind, Snow - who knows ??? We had it all!! Did i mention wind???? O yea we also had 2 flats today!!! And it was quite WINDY also!!! When will the weather get better??? When the Healy's show up???

Trudy, I know you enjoy riding in this weather GET BACK HERE!!! I know May Day was 3 days ago....But i found myself saying MAY DAY, MAY DAY a lot today!!!

Tomorrow the Larson's will be in Washington Park for a M.S walk feel free to join us!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Trail Open and Rideable?

Brenda and I left the Corner last night and headed towards the Wabash Trail. Wind right in your face it was so strong it seemed easy to ride clipping along about 7 mph! I wanted to see if the trail was open to Chatham and it was, around bridge work everthing is patch back. There are some rocks and sticks on the trail to watch out for!!

We made out about 7.5 miles thought be a good turn around! On the way back... I was feeling like Lance with the wind at my back!..Yes i was very fast!!.. Did i tell you I took off last nite and forgot my bike helmet?? I said ahhh it be okay to ride without it ... it will be just an easy ride!

Well with Lance like speed i was dodging some rocks and sticks in const area. Then PAPOW!!!! my bike went to a 30 foot Skidding Stop!!! OMG so happy the stick was in the back tire!!Because if it was front tire PAPOW I WOULD BEEN OVER THE TOP!!!

Here comes Brenda and her new friend she meet on the trail - a guy riding from Stl to Chi! Keep working Brenda a love connection has to be close you're 2 for 2 this week!!

Anyway bent 4 spokes on to the other spokes and limped back to the Corner!!!

See ya Sat