Saturday, March 29, 2008


YES!! I MADE A BIKING NO NO!!! I hope everyone learned from my mistake!! On a trail or road, don't turn around in front of your fellow biker. Pull over to the side stop then make your turn. I assumed Jeff could read my mind!! Sorry Jeff!!!! Feeling about as bad as that coyote sleeping on the side of the road. I couldn't start walking fast enough to head back to the truck!!

As we click off miles on our training rides there will be more mishaps like flat tires, chain breaks and so on. Let's hope most of our rides are event-free. When i turned around headed for the truck i put my bike on my shoulder and put my ear phone's in how fitting was it the song that game on was by Robert Cray! (IT'S MY OWN PROBLEM, THAT I HAVE TO FACE RIGHT HERE ALL BY MYSELF, ITS MY OWN FAULT, YES IT IS, I AM SO ASHAMED, CANT BLAME IT ON NO ONE ELSE!!!!)

How can a Team leader do such a bonehead mistake??? What was i thinking Well i guess i wasn't!! Really just wanted the team to head down the trail, and from the sounds of it you all did great!!

Logging 15 mile on a cool brisk morning! What a ride!! I really missed out. Sorry Beth cutting your ride short to go get the SAG wagon!! Did i hear Dodie got a couple of pointer's from Shannon,and on the turn around she was White Lightning?? passing Jeff and Terry?? Brenda making it up the hill without anyone yelling.. KILL THE HILL!! Great job Brenda.

Trudy got your message on my walk back don't feel bad!! it's all good, As always i hear you were very steady not surprised!! Bring Walker back goalie's always fun to have around.

Did i tell you what song came on after Robert Cray. Willie Nelson's (Reason's to Quit) Was someone trying to tell me something??? Yes then after Willie, Allman Brother's Terry you know the song Midnight Rider!! with bike on my shoulder yes i starting running !! ask Terry he know 's how i feel about the Allman Brother's!! Trust me i didn't run long but i was caught up in the song!! MMMMM Wish i knew what song was on when i crashed into Jeff??? I would hit the delete button on that song!!!

Coming up the hill at IDOT i see Beth there and waiting for me, Really didn't want to see anybody. My face was red from embarrassment and walking up the hill. Then a voice came over me KILL THE HILL Brenda are you haunting me?? I loaded the bike thinking we both felt bad that our ride was shorten!! Sorry Beth, Ego maniac team captain will be smarter next time.

We pulled in to Panera Bread i went inside to grab a bite Beth went to get a workout at the club. I stood in a line of about 20 and it was going nowhere. I told myself just leave head to bike store and find out the damage. Sounds like it was good i left. The team wanted bloody marys?? I guess there's always tomorrow.

Please team give me another chance who wants to ride tomorrow????????

i found the lost bridge!!

Actually there were three bridges... i think....anyway - today was AWESOME. Sure I was lagging behind at times - BUT I didn't have to stop one time because of fatigue, like I did that first night at the park... and i figured out how to change gears a little going back up the hill at DOT. Almost didn't make it but I did. Felt good to accomplish that. (small victories can be just as sweet :)

Tammy - this morning was just your warning call - next time if you aren't out with us - we're coming by for pancakes!! :)

temp @ 6:30am: 28

03/20/08 = 6 miles
03/22/08 = 10.5 miles
03/25/08 = 8 miles
03/29/08 = 14.56
total miles biked = 39.06
total distance walking and biking = 81.66 miles

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

stacking my chips

miles walked: 3
March total: 6
2008 total: 42.6
temp @ 5:30am: 39
wind: calm

miles biked:
03/20/08 = 6 miles
03/22/08 = 10.5 miles
03/25/08 = 8 miles
total distance walking and biking = 67.1 miles

post-training meeting :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Top Ten Reason's To Ride The Park

10. Watching all the people carry a plastic bag full of there Dog S***!!
9. Human pinball dodging all the walkers
8. Watching halfwits on there training runs
7. Marybeth's art in her front yard!
6. Kids fishing the ponds.
5. Lagoon hill.
4. When was the last time you saw so many tye die shirts!
3. Headwest worker's enjoy walking???
2. Growing our group ride up to 8! (somebody tell Mitch its okay to haul a bike to the ride)
And the number 1 reason for a ride in the park:

Virtual Travel

My friend Beth at work gave me a great idea - she trained for a race last year and one of the people she was training for told her, when she needed a little more inspiration - pick a destination and "run" to it. I thought it was a great idea! Although I'll be walking and biking there instead. My destination is ...guess? It's 917 miles away - 860.9 miles left to go :)

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Where am I going?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rookie blogger

I'm a rookie blogger and so proud of myself for figuring this out. The ride yesterday was absolutely awesome. 10.5 miles on the first ride, in frigid weather, is an accomplishment for all of us rookie cyclers. It was tremendously cold but once I started I didn't think about being cold, only my tired legs, buttocks and runny nose. Padded biker shorts and kleenex are an absolute necessity ! Beth and Mitch told me to forget everything my mother taught me and use my sleeve, well....... Can't wait til the next ride.

Happy Easter

miles walked: 3
March total: 3 (havent really tracked much in March)
2008 total: 39.6
temp @ 6:30am: 30 (windchill 23)
wind: from NW @ 7 mph

miles biked:
03/20/08 = 6 miles
03/22/08 = 10.5 miles
total distance walking and biking = 56.1 miles

Saturday, March 22, 2008

STUCK IN 217!!

YES!! STUCK IN 217 so i guess that mean's its spring in central IL and it's time to ride!! Who would of guessed i could lead a group of new riders out on a sat morning@ 35 degree's out?? With a north wind of about 22mph! We meet at Panera bread on wabash had coffee and bagels.

As we sat across from each other everyone eye's going back and forth on each other are we really doing this?? Not much was said have to admit i was thinking do i really want to take them out and try this? or Should i say HEY THANKS FOR COMING OUT NOW LET'S GO HOME? It's to cold!

Then coach Mitch pulled up on his bike as he just rode in from CHATHAM, and i am saying to myself it's GO TIME! Mitch walks in and sez wow! really didn't expect to see anyone here. What was he thinking ?? Look around Mitch these are hockey people better yet! HOCKEY MOM'S!! There used to getting up early on weekends and freezing their ASS OFF!

So we exit Panera for our bike Mitch sez lets go out Koke Mill instead of riding Wabash trail! This way we will ride right into a strong North Wind! I am thinking coach Mitch are you trying to kill the newbie's? I sd okay follow me i will go the back way to get on koke mill once we turned on to Koke mill i felt it!! it was like standing in the ICE BOX ICE ARENA in South Bend only there was a stong fan blowing on you!

We got in a line and my thoughts were head down and go!! Don't look back don't look back they will follow. Don't give them a chance to say hey lets try another day! After about mile in i hear on your left to your left i am thinking when did BEYONCE join us but no it was Beth as she passing me she looks over and sez i need to pass you once so she took the lead which was very fitting since she had a yellow Live Strong jersey on.

So i thought okay turn around take a look do we still have everybody? What a thing of beauty 6 rider's in a line head down fighting the wind.I was impressed 1st ride out 35 out 22mph wind and these rider's look like there in stage 7 of Tour De France!

At this time i need to stop and call Hannah and tell her she was getting picked up to go sell Girl Scout cookie's. I hang up with leaving her a message and the little red light goes off on the Blackberry! I see it's John Flahive responding to the email about our ride this morning, I know John your in Tampa!! I am freezing my ass off but yes i will open your email to see what you have to say.All it sez I AM RUNNING ON THE BEACH!!! Nice John hope you get salt in your mouth!

As i get back on the bike to catch the group i pass Dodie and Brenda she yells out! is this out and back flat? No Brenda remember this is coach Mitch's idea of Spring Break north winds, 35 out and hill's deal with it!

So now back upfront i catch Jeff and Mitch i say were about 5 out he goes perfect at the road we should be 5 and we will turn around! As the group came upon the turn around i could see the happiness in everyone eye's! But i don't think its was about going back with the wind at our back, the happiness i could see was WOW I CAN DO THIS!

On the way back i was thinking wow #1 star goes to Walker Nelson doing the ride on a soft tail mtn bike, i am like damm that good but what was i thinking Walker is a goalie they feel no pain!

#2 star would go to his mom Trudy she was riding a hardtail cross bike! The only thing i have skinny is my bike tire's on my road bike Who Knows should i breakout my fat tire bike would the training be better?? Sure didn't slow the Nelson"s down. Thinking no 1 fat tire around my stomach is enough to deal with! I will stay skinny even if it's just on my road bike!!

We pull into Panera bread we jump off the bikes and there were smiles all the way around!!

GREAT RIDE TEAM!! See ya Tues nite @ the park please everyone drive slow we will wait if your running behind!!

Friday, March 21, 2008


Well we did it! Got our 1st ride of the year in. The weather was great and we had 5 riders. The park was full of bikers, runners, dog walkers it was a perfect night! Was thinking the park was a good place to start with some newbie rider's, but I forgot about lagoon hill!!! I kept yelling KILL THE HILL!! ALL I GOT BACK WAS A LOOK!!! Coach Healy always told me to kill the hill so I was just passing on his words of wisdom. I was very proud of our team last night! Think we logged close to a hour of saddle time. And yes we had Brenda clocked about 28mph in the park!!! UNFORTANTLY she was driving her car! BUSTED!!! PLEASE go slow in the park where there people walking, biking, jogging and so on!! Saturday ride will be flat out and back so come out and join us!

my mileage: 15
March total: 15
2008 total: 15
temp @ 6:00pm 50ish (not sure - next time we'll check)

Good Friday

Reflecting again on the first ride last night - feeling really good today - but, how shall I say this - I do really see the value in biker shorts now. Not that I didn't before - I knew what to expect - but yea, I really see it. Maybe less of an indulgence in nicotine and beverages will help improve the mileage also. Also - its a really good idea to have your team captain wearing something bright, like orange - so you see them when they are a dot on your horizon :) Or maybe a blue hat? Just something to consider :) Looking forward to another ride tomorrow - just not looking forward to how I'll be feeling Sunday. Need to do some shopping :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Day of Spring/First Ride

Coincidentally (although really I don't believe in coincidence) our first ride fell on the first day of spring. Found this on wikipedia:

"Spring begins in the northern hemisphere around the months of March, April, May, or as reckoned astronomically extending from the vernal equinox. As in summer, the axis of the Earth is tilted toward the Sun, and the length of daylight days rapidly increases as latitude increases. The northern hemisphere begins to warm significantly, causing new plant growth to "spring forth", giving the season its name. Snow begins to melt, and streams swell with runoff and spring rains. Most flowering plants bloom this time of year, in a long succession beginning even when snow is still on the ground, and continuing into early summer. In normally snowless areas, "spring" may begin as early as February during warmer years, with subtropical areas having very subtle differences, and tropical ones none at all. Subarctic areas may not experience "spring" at all until May or even June, or December in the outer Antarctic."

To me - Spring is also the promise of warmer days to come - and the promise of my favorite time of year; summer.

I took my camera along tonight because I wanted a picture of us all on our first ride - I forgot about it till I got home - so Wyatt snapped this pic of me - I look like I can almost breathe normally again!

I don't know what the temperature was even tonight - all I can record here is that is was a beautiful night - the sun was out and it was a little cool - but it was nice. Sure I won't be able to sit down for a few days, but its worth it right? My first 6 miles logged on the bike! Doesn't sound like much, maybe....but its a beginning. Timely for the first day of spring and the promise of things to come :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008



Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Just wanted to say thank you for everyone that came out to the Jr. Blues game Friday night for MS Awareness Night - we raised $281.00!

Two more days till training officially starts!! Although we are due to get rain today and tomorrow, the forecast for Wednesday is dry, just cloudy but 49 degrees.

See you at the park Wednesday night!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring Ahead!!!

Kids had the fever and so did i,it's amazing extra hour of light and everyone is happy!! They couldnt wait to go for a bike ride after supper. We jumped on the bikes and went for a 5 m ride!
Funny tho i think i lost them after mile 2- o well its was a good ride!