Monday, December 28, 2009

A look Back.

Lake Geneva Christmas.
Really it's not cold
Birthday ride
Frostbite 10 miler
Thanksgiving day hike
Hannah and lucy on a fall hike.
Bear tearing up westwood Trail
Hannah State Golf Tourney
We need more wood???
Can you say Teenager OMG
Chicago Tri
Bass River Resort a must for the team this year.
Day after the Tour :(
Y.M.C.A at ther tour.
Its Miller Time....
I know how to rock the tent just wait!!
Team Tent.
Tour de farms 175
mmmmmm yummy burgoo.
Burgoo fest.
Kids Tri. the boys rocked it
Rhino at the monster trucks
Thur nite Bar ride.
Capitol City Biathlon
Hannah's 8th grade grad.
Whopper of fun.

Fat Ass 5k
Carpenter Park Deer on Blackberry trail
Kids 1st cubs game.
Manatee Champs.

Ski fun.

Winter Fun.