Thursday, January 31, 2008

dont let the size fool ya

miles walked: 3
January total: 15
temp @ 9:45pm: 24 (feels like 13 w/ the wind chill)
wind: from the NE 12 mph

Inspired by my new ipod (which is AWESOME!!!!!!)- i had to get out and log a few miles tonight. I know you think I'm crazy - I prefer to think... I'm driven. Course the few cars that passed me probably thing the former. Two snowplow trucks passed me and I was walking where I thought the sidewalk was and then a black suv pulled up along side me - I figured they thought my car broke down and I was walking for help, so I pulled out one earphone to explain I was fine, I was just talking a little walk, trying out my new ipod, but instead a lady rolled down her window and asked me if I'd seen a siberan husky puppy. I smiled and said, no, but wherever he is - he's having fun! I told her if I saw him I'd hold onto him and that I'd probably be out for another 45 minutes. She smiled and thanked me but really she had to wonder what the heck I was doing out in this. Actually it wasn't bad at all. It was only lightly snowing and it was so peaceful and beautiful out. The hardest part was walking uphill. The whole walk felt like I had weights on my ankles - I'd say it was at least 3 or 4 inches of snow I was walking through. But it was still so pretty out. Not to mention I was listening to some of my all time favorite songs that I'd spent an hour selecting and loading. On my second lap what must have been her husband pulled up next to me in a pickup truck, asking if I'd seen a puppy. I was looking for him and wished I could have found him for them. Makes my miss my husky dog so much. Niki loved the snow. He would run as hard and as fast as he could in it and bury his face in it.
Here is Niki with the boys - I miss him!

Back to tonight - here are a few pics :)
So pretty....

this is where the sidewalk SHOULD be

Now - off to bed so I can get up in 5 hours and do it all again! :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

what was I saying about Illinois weather yestesrday?

miles walked: 0
January total: 12
temp @ 5:30am this morning: 7 (feels like -9 w/ the wind chill)
wind: from the west 12 mph

Wasn't I just saying how nice it was yesterday and that probably tomorrow it would be snowing? Yea - better be careful what I'm saying - cause that's exactly what happened. 43 degrees colder this morning, and yes there was snow and even some freezing rain last night. With the wind, much to my dismay - common sense dictated that I not walk this morning. Hopefully the weather will be nicer tomorrow. Think I need to make a personal rule about going out when its below 10 degrees - just not going to do it. Unless I get one of those underarmor masks... hmmmmm.....

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Illinois weather

miles walked: 3
January total: 12
temp @ 5:22am this morning: 50 (feels like 44 w/ the wind chill)
wind: from the south - 19 mph, gusting to 26mph
guilt points: zero! (in fact very proud of myself because I made the boys chocolate sundaes after they got their homework done last night and had none myself.)

You have to love Illinois weather. Last week it was 2 degrees and too cold to even think about being outside at this hour - this week - 5:30 in the morning and its already 50. It really does feel like Spring out and I love it - only problem is - being Illinois I know tomorrow it could be 2 degrees again and snowing. Carpe Diem!

Still not sure what is going on with my camera - all my pictures are grainy - I even tried different settings this morning - which led to some interesting composition on this pic! :)

but I did get a nice sunrise pic yesterday - thought the colors were lovely :)

Time to hit the showers - have a great day!

Monday, January 28, 2008


miles walked: 3
January total: 9
temp @ 5:22am this morning: 37 (feels like 28 w/ the wind chill)
wind: from the south - 15 mph
guilt points: 5

It was a little windy this morning, but not too bad. I finally remembered to bring Wyatt's ipod along this morning - it did make the time go faster I think. Also saw the paperboy (paperman?) this morning - haven't seen him on foot since warmer weather - maybe that's a sign? I hope! I'm ready for Spring....I know that's wishful thinking since it is still January - but I can hope - can't i?

Things I've learned in the last 24 hours:
  • It is not relaxing when you're walking alone and its dark to listen to heavy metal, nor the Fast and Furious 3/Tokyo Drift soundtrack. (I now see the value in creating my own playlist)

  • Drinking beer with dinner can lead you to order appetizers (bruchetta) and meals (pizza bread) that consist mainly of bread, and can also lead you to rationalize eating other foods you normally would be staying away from (cocoa krispies really shouldn't be considered a good dessert)

  • and for all (ok maybe there is only one) the readers who have been wondering about the fox - I think I caught a glimse of him this morning:


    Sunday, January 27, 2008

    feeling great

    miles walked: 3
    January total: 6
    temp @ 5:30am this morning: 22
    guilt points: 5

    feeling much better this morning - maybe because i have the proper size bandaid on my ankle and i could walk pain free :) It was clear and nice out this morning - despite being only 22 - I was comfortable. The sky was clear and the stars were still out and bright - it was a nice morning. I have feel guilty only because I had ice cream at my nephew's birthday party last night (trying to not have sugar) and also I had a margarita with lunch (alcohol will only slow my metabolism) but I feel very good this morning. Had a great time at my nephew's birthday party last night - we went bowling then back to mom's house. All the family was very supportive and asking lots of questions about the bike ride in June. I am very optimistic! :) Can't wait for Dylan to wake up now and tell me about his first rock concert - he left the party early to go see Kid Rock with some of our hockey friends. Its a great day!

    Saturday, January 26, 2008

    new shoes

    miles walked: 3
    January total: (unsure so starting the count today) 3
    temp when I left @ 5:30: 27 degrees (w/ feels like temp of 17 degrees)
    Layers of clothing: 2 total plus two extra on top.

    I love new shoes. I have a new pair of New Balance (thanks to my #1 sponsor, my mom - from shopping in Indy last weekend - thanks MOM!), and they're pink (of course). Much as I love new shoes I hate breaking them in. I knew it was bad when about 10 steps into walking this morning my ankle felt like I'd put a piece of sandpaper on my heel. About two miles in, it felt cold and wet and stopped hurting - so I knew it wouldn't pretty when I took my shoe off. Although the boys will probably think its cool that there's blood on my shoes - guess that means I'm working hard? Or maybe I just need longer socks. Yea - add that to the shopping list.

    Despite the temperature - which actually is a bit of a heat wave considering what we've been waking up to lately (who can workout when its 2 degrees out? that's not including the wind chill!) - I was really comfortable this morning. I got a pair of mircofiber fleece pants to wear under my track pants and I was actually completely comfortable. Although about 2 miles into it, the layers began to feel heavy and my legs were moving like lead. But I kept going. How could I not? Walking past the dialysis office, seeing people dropping their loved ones off for treatment so early in the morning - I feel an obligation to keep going because I am lucky enough to have my health. I think I needed every one of the four layers of shirts I had on, I thought I might get too warm once I got into it but I never did - in fact the last half mile the wind seemed to pick up and my face is pretty cold, but its thawing out :)

    I took my camera along because in warmer weather, I would see a fox now and then running to the trees, so thought it'd be cool to get a pic of him to show the boys - but there was no fox to be found this morning.

    Here are some pics of my world at this time of day:
    Wish I could put a lovely sunrise pic up, but this is all I see ....

    My only company in the mornings are delivery trucks going to Schnuck's...

    Not exactly a challenging path - but hey there was a little snow! LOL

    Wednesday, January 23, 2008


    Thinking about the ride? With all the great hockey people jumping on board, will Coach Tim and Coach Terry turn it into a race??? I would hate that!

    Tuesday, January 22, 2008

    ah boy

    so here we go! I created this blog to chronicle the next 5 months - as my friends and I train for the MS Tour de Farms 2008 - a bike ride, not a race (as the team's captain keeps telling me). The fun part will be training with friends for something and we're all going to feel so good about being in shape that we won't notice when we come no where near completing the 175 miles that most of the more seasoned riders will be completing. I can't say exactly what our goal is - hopefully we'll have a big variety of cyclists on our team - as for myself - I'd like to do 35 maybe? I don't know - I have ZERO experience with this. Friends that I hope will be joining our team will be doing something closer to 80 or 100. As much as I would love to do that - I'm guessing I might not make it that far :) But that won't stop me from doing it all together. If I get brave enough - I might even post some pictures on here :)

    Stay tuned...