Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Last night was a lovely night for a ride - i took a couple of pics in the park:

Regarding "Lonely Rider's" previous post - there was actually only one guy with a dog and no I was not looking for a love connection... LOL


Where is everybody??? MMMMM!!! Is everybody sandbaging miles???Dont worry i will still post even if no one show's up!!!Tues nite ride: Started with me and Dodie put she peeled out and went home after 4m!! Brenda decided to walk in the park!!Everytime i passed her she was talking to a guy with a dog!! Thinking maybe she was looking for a love conection??
At the end of the ride i logged 10 m and felt good to be on the bike!
Thur i will log miles leaving from Corner Pub,Then inside to watch some playoff hockey!
Whose in!!!!!

Lonely Rider

Monday, April 28, 2008

Jersey Handout - April 23 2008

Just a few pics from our Jersey Handout :)

John and Trudy
Trudy modeling

Terry tries his on...
Dodie gets her jersey :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

"In 1963, former Senator Gaylord Nelson began to worry about our planet. Senator Nelson knew that our world was getting dirty and that many of our plants and animals were dying.

He wondered why more people weren't trying to solve these problems. He talked to other lawmakers and to the President. They decided that the President would go around the country and tell people about these concerns. He did, but still not enough people were working on the problem.

Then, in 1969, Senator Nelson had another idea. He decided to have a special day to teach everyone about the things that needed changing in our environment. He wrote letters to all of the colleges and put a special article in Scholastic Magazine to tell them about the special day he had planned. (Most of the schools got this magazine and he knew that kids would help him.)

On April 22, 1970, the first Earth Day was held. People all over the country made promises to help the environment. Everyone got involved and since then, Earth Day has spread all over the planet."

For this complete article - click here.

10 Things You Can Do

Learn more about Earth Day.

Check the quality of the tap water where you live here.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Great pictures Brenda !


Not sure but think it might have been guilt that drove us the distance today? Sorry that we missed yesterday's ride, Dodie, Ray and myself met at Panera this morning and headed out. Wound around back behind Best Buy and I thought we might be headed for the Wabash Trail (we were undecided when we left Panera) but we turned back on Koke Mill and headed North. Turned west on Iles and never looked back. No - literally. Here is what Dodie and I saw most of the day:

Sure he wore an orange jersey so we could see him - but the black jacket didn't help! We actually lost him once - thankfully our fearless leader did circle back for us.

The weather wasn't as sunny or as nice out as we'd hoped. In fact, the 12.5 miles out felt pretty much all against the wind. There were a couple of twists and turns as we headed out West Iles and followed it past Farmingdale Road - and it was misting a little on us in the beginning but it was a pretty ride nonetheless - I enjoyed seeing the grassy fields really starting to get green at the eve of spring. As we lost sight of Ray over a hill - when we reached the bottom we had to roll the dice to see which way he went, we decided he must have gone west. So we rolled on.

We climbed the hill and followed the road as it turned north again and saw our Captain again waiting for us. We thought maybe he finally turned back and realized we weren't with him! Yes he did and turned out he was worried about our safety as well because this was what was waiting for us at the top of the hill:

While Ray saw this:

Apparently Ray thought the dog was seeing this:

Ray started to explain to me something about the weakest of the heard and singling out - but he trailed off and said we should just get going. Huh.

ANYhoo - on we rode. At a point where I was sure we'd hit 12 miles already - Ray said - we just hit 8 miles! I knew it was going to be a looong day.

When we hit 12.5 we turned around and headed back with the wind at our backs - and it was a much easier ride back. Well - maybe not MUCH easier - but felt better knowing we'd hit the halfway mark anyway.

To lift our spirits - Ray even shot a little video. After nearly falling out his chair at Panera, post-ride, reviewing the movie - I figured I'd better post it as well - enjoy!

See you at the park Tuesday!!

Big ride Saturday.... Mitch leads, Ray sleeps

Saturday was a personal best for Trudy and me with a ride just under 23 miles! We started at Stuart Park and rode north up through the country to Salisbury. It was a little chilly and had a few drops of rain on us but NO wind so that was something to be happy about. It cleared up as we approached the half way point and the route was great.... very scenic and not much traffic. Trudy got to meet some St Bernards at one house as they chased her and after that we had an encounter with some wild turkeys!

The team was noticable smaller (just Mitch, Trudy and me). Shannon was pumped up and ready to go but unfortunately her tire wasn't. She had a flat and was out (those darn Presta valves). Ray had been talkin up the ride the night before and said he was looking forward to a nice long ride. I guess he was so excited about the ride it made him drink more! Anyway, Mitch stepped up and led the troops through the country, up and down some nice hills.... and there were some good hills, right Trudy?

As Mitch mentioned the key when starting to ride longer rides is to go at a reasonable pace and get comfortable with doing the distance and then you can worry about picking up the pace. Also, you need to plan breaks and keep drinking water and eat something even if you don't feel thirsty or hungry.

Great ride, great route.... definitely a route that can be added to for more miles. Thanks and great job to Mitch and Trudy.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Power Shift

Most of us girls are new and maybe the boys have had to stop and wait for some of us to catch up on our rides thus far. But what some of you may have thought was an earthquake last night - was actually a power shift in our team.

For those of you who missed the ride last night (12 miles in the wind, no less), it was a sight to behold. Trudy's friend Ann (welcome Ann!) came to ride with us. I knew I was in trouble when she rode up to the meeting spot on her bike (reminiscent of Mitch Johnson - riding his way in from Chatham) while I was sitting in my car reading Good Housekeeping waiting for the rest of the group. I got out of the car to introduce myself and thinking - oh boy I'm in trouble - she probably knew I was thinking that because she laughed when I asked her how long she'd been biking - she said "A little over a year - the only reason I have all the gear is because of a trip Trudy and I went on..." - but the fact is - she didn't just look like a pro - she was! We went down Koke mill, crossed Monroe and headed around the curve and down the hill to Washington - no problem right? Didn't feel too bad considering it had been a week and a half since I'd been on the bike. Oh wait - that was downhill and the wind was at our backs. Time to grind it out and turn around. We were thinking we might loop back and maybe pick up Shannon - so we turned around. Grinding up the hill the distance between Ray, Ann and myself began to lengthen. But it did make me smile to see one of the girls half standing and pedaling up the hill and pass Ray. Yes, I said PASS Ray (sorry coach but it was a great moment). Yay Ann!! For the girls that weren't able to make it, let me illustrate the difference.

Here was me:

Here was Ann:

Thursday, April 17, 2008


We meet at corner pub@ 6pm for a ride!! Or was it to fight the wind??? Shannon was calling saying to wait for her.... she spent the day @ the cards game did she really want to ride or was she tipsy??
Anyway Trudy,Brenda and Ann Robert showed up for the ride. Or should i say... Ringer showed up.... Yes talking about you!!! got out of the saddle and killed the hill and left me gasping for air nice work!! We rolled to a stop light and she looks back at me and sez ..i love hills!!! Really couldnt tell you left the pack and made your own path..... Nice work!! Heals your going to have your hands full she the real deal!!!!
At the end of the day we killed 12 m on a great nite!!! feel free to come join us!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Tues nite ride in the park was awesome felt so good to be back on the bike!! The ride started with just Dodie and me but we were soon joined by Terry& Shannon. As a group we rode 12-16 miles. Yes it was a small group please come feel the pain with us!! Thur we will meet @ the Corner pub @ 6pm. Please try to join us!!!!??
O yes did beth do great or what??? Our jerseys are in!!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


YES, I have the blues 1st sat in awhile without a group ride. I guess were lucky in one way! No local flooding or spring tornado's!! But can we get some sun please it's time to ride!!
Looking at the week ahead weather looks okay.
Tues lets ride in park,Thur we will leave from Corner pub and sat plan on a long ride!!We will meet at Panera on Wabash plan on a 25 mile ride with a break at the 1/2 mark.
Also energy bar might be something you might want to bring!!

Speaking of Blue's our JR BLUES won opening round playoff's and will head to Minn for round 2 this coming weekend!!! GO BLUE'S
So that means we have more hockey coming up at the Nelson Center in a couple of weeks. Mark your calendar!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008


I left after Saturday's ride for Lake of the Ozarks. I kept the bike on the truck for a Sunday morning ride. I woke Sunday to a great morning thinking Tim and Ann got a great day for a run. I put my bike gear on and headed for Panera Bread on highway 54 in Osage Beach. Yes it was lonely with out my friends, but at this Panera they are a hell of a lot faster then in Springfield who would thought that??
I had a 1/2 bagel and coffee read St. Louis Post, which I say is as bad as SJR! Growing up in Chicago, I love the Sun Times.

My thoughts for the ride was not miles but log some seat time! I want to be ready in June when I ride the GDR!!!

Got on the bike and headed north on highway 54 towards the Bagnell Dam. Not knowing how far it was I set out to stand on the Dam. The wind was calm, legs felt good - I was feeling good!! I saw a sign for New City Park so I turn off 54 to check it out. OMG what a downhill!! Road was all gravel and I was standing on my brakes all way down. once at the bottom I saw an awesome ball field! 1st thought FIELD OF DREAMS. The boys would love to play there.

As I roll towards Lake Ozark and Bagnell dam I see a deer jump right in front of me and down into a valley. Was a neat site. As I ride I see something out of the corner of my eye run towards me - I was like dammit a dog. No a beaver - o boy - good!! Did i just say run about a beaver?? Was he going fast or was i going that slow???

Coming into Dog Patch or the strip as people call it! Its filled with shops that you remember back when you were a kid on vacation, running into each one looking for that perfect TOM-TOM or homemade fudge.

I made it to the dam. There is a narrow walkway about 30" wide to ride on so it was tight. I wanted to snap a picture or two, but I have to tell you the way the water was pouring out so fast I was little freaked out!! Sounds weird but it was spooky!!

As I make my way back I realize I made a mistake!! The wind hit me!! I was thinking great i got 7.5 miles to ride, and all the hills!! Give you a idea about the ride - I went 15 total miles - avg 10 mph and about 1:45 on the saddle!!

Yes, this morning I thought Ray go get the paper and have a greasy breakfast!! As I rode past all the greasy spoons in dog patch the smell was wonderful. But I was glad I challenged myself and went for a ride. Sure eggs and bacon would been better then a bagel - or is it just in your mind???

The Healys challenge themselves to a 1/2 that morning, were they thinking no kids - a sit down breakfast might me nice?? I am sure they were smelling some greasy spoons also!! But after they were done I am sure they were as happy as I was in making the right choice. John Coombe challenged himself with a 1/2 Saturday and I could see he was happy he made the right choice!!

If your still reading at this point. I challenge you next time you think about going for a solo ride, but say "I don't have time I need to make breakfast, clean the house or do yard, or I need to go shopping!!" - take the hour and get on your bike - I challenge you!! I promise when you get back you will feel great about yourself. You will get more done!! Lets face it - you will walk around the house dreading which task to tackle 1st!! And at the end of the day more will get done because you took time for yourself!!

let's just keep going

Cannot believe I rode 20 miles Saturday. Still surprised by it. My thought when we signed up for this ride/race in June was - maybe I can do 20? Can't believe I actually did that the 7th ride out. So crazy! Who knows what June is going to bring? Can't wait to find out.

So we met at Panera to do the ride we had mapped out - we ended up at Four Season's but instead of going the rest of our route - Shannon suggests going to see the finish of the half-marathon - we were all feeling pretty good - so we went for it. It was very inspiring to watch (awesome job John Coombe) - and as I usually do when I watch that type of thing - I feel inspired to do something more, and also how great they must feel in accomplishing that. Can't wait till we meet our goal in June - can only imagine how it's going to feel.

And yes, we did end up carrying our bikes over some tracks once we hit a dead end on fourth street (we are, after all, rock stars) but the real story was making it up the ultimate (so far) hill on the Stanton over-pass. Which, yes - we made it! Ray had some special instructions pre-hill, something about three of us, hill and Trudy's bike (which was awesome by the way and she was supersonic on it) but I never caught exactly what he was saying - so just put my head down and went. Thank you to Shannon for being my cheerleader when I almost wanted to give up on the hill!

03/20/08 = 6 miles
03/22/08 = 10.5 miles
03/25/08 = 8 miles
03/29/08 = 14.56 miles
04/01/08 = 10 miles
04/03/08 = 10 miles
04/05/08 = 20.22 miles
total miles biked = 79.28
total distance walking and biking = 121.88 miles

Saturday, April 5, 2008


WOW is SPRING here?? Our team left Panera bread on Wabash to Koke Mill rd made our way to Old Jack. We did a turn around there and headed to Wabash Trail. We stopped at the end of trail and the girls were wanting more !!!!! So we headed dn MacArthur yes we killed the big hill!!

We came to a stop at Four Season's rec center. We passed water bottle's around shared songs on our ipod. Shannon determined to get 20 m today said let head to finish line of the 1/2 that was going on! We rallied and hit 11th st to Jefferson past library to finish line at Prairie Heart!

Upon landing... YES, TAMMY SHURES YOU COULD NOT HIDE BEHIND YOUR SIGN!! Are we following you??????

Standing at the finish we were looking for Ann Coombe. We found her and she said John would be done by 9:38 we waited!! We did see our very own Greg Pinto followed by Scott Pearce, and yes Scott your son BEAT YOU!!

Like clock work John launched across the line, grabbing his shiny new ABE penny nice work John! In fact great work to all the HalfWits!!

After saying our congrats to John, then Ray and his Angels headed down 7th st to hit the Wabash Trail. Really i didn't come up with the name!! Please guys run is over grab your bike. I need more votes right now there thinking of pink training shirts!! Yes i know real men wear pink but???

Trudy and her new puppy!! Whats this have to do with the ride?? Puppy dog sales approach!! The boys from R&M gave her a new TREK pilot to tryout!! Can she give it back??? Thinking no?? But there maybe a color issues??

Well we made it around the town don't you think?? YES our 1st 20 miles!!!
GREAT JOB ANGELS!!!! Beth, Brenda, Dodie, Shannon and Trudy AWESOME!!!!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

not quite speedy =)

Its time I admit it - there is a good reason my mother calls me Grace. I'm not really so graceful. Our Team Captain was putting it nicely when he said I laid the bike down. LOL - truth be told - I panicked for a second - thought I was going to fall down a muddy revine (ok maybe only a ditch - but from where i was it was like a canyon!) anyway - I panicked and wiped out. Felt like I was falling for about 5 minutes! All I could think of was - OMG don't let the bike get hurt. Second thing I was thinking was - OMG why didn't this happen when I was at the BACK of the pack. LOL. Stinging elbows and knees aside - last night was great. I met a goal of getting to 100 miles of training (course 30 miles or so of that was walking) but I was pretty happy about that and wasn't letting anything like a wreck make me unhappy. THANK YOU to Ray and Trudy for fixing my chain so I didn't have to walk back in the rain. And also for not giving me too hard a time about it. Yea - third thing to cross my mind - was OMG I'm gonna pay for this on the blog tomorrow. LOL. You know what else makes it all worth it? Check out the signs my son made for me when we got home. Forgot about the rainsoaked clothes and the bloody sock (which - yea the boys thought was cool) in about a millisecond after I saw these =)

03/20/08 = 6 miles
03/22/08 = 10.5 miles
03/25/08 = 8 miles
03/29/08 = 14.56 miles
04/01/08 = 10 miles
04/03/08 = 10 miles
total miles biked = 59.06
total distance walking and biking = 101.66 miles

Thursday, April 3, 2008


6 PM I pull into Corner Pub i see Mr Green whiz thru parking lot i think?? Light rain 49 degree's out. Brenda, Trudy and myself head out! Down Koke Mill drive to Wabash Trl ...even with the wind in our face i think the girl's enjoyed flat trail???? We made it out to the turn around and there were smiles all around!!! Were they happy cuz we rode in the rain?? Happy we made it to the turn around?? Happy we found out Walker would make hockey practice on time?? WHO KNOWS.... bottom line - rain, wind, or not, felt great to log some miles!!

O Chill's and Spill's...yes SPEEDY i mean Brenda was either cold or wanted to get back to the Corner and have a beer with Dodie!!! Going around a construction sign she laid dn the bike rather then ride thru the green slime of the ditch!! As we pulled up all was well!! We put the chain on and we were dn the trail!!! Don't worry Mary your ride is fine!! Now get out here and join us!!!

Mitch i thought we run into u on are way back????

Bottom line we made it back after our 1st rain ride!!! And had a nice dinner with Micheal and the boys!!

Saturday - lets ride 20 - WHOSE GOT A ROUTE?????

Change Up!

Tues nite ride in the park was a change for me.Riding my mtn bike and no ipod!! And yes thing seem differnt infact seem SLOW!!! Sounds lots of sounds it was nice. Even tho it seemed like we had the park to our self. Beth did you really ride??? Mitch you looked very fast!!! infact i think we should call you Mr Green!!! Do you even own a truck???

I did run into Brenda and Dodie on the last 2 laps maybe run into not a good choice of words for me??? You both look very strong on the bike you 2 jus keep working!!! Trudy yes hang in there weather will get better!!

Healy's Good luck!!! on your 1/2 this weekend!!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No April Fool's - I finally did 10 miles @ the park!

Finally the weather turned a bit and the sun even started to come out at the end of the evening. I'm just happy I finally got 10 miles in at the park. I will kill the hill....its getting closer! I think we were going so fast tonight people appeared to be walking backwards! (ok maybe she really was... but still!) I caught a glimpse of Mitch - this time he took it easy and only rode in from Rotary Park instead of his usual Chatham commute - Mitch you are nothing short of amazing. Trudie - I heard you were there tonight - but I didn't get to see you! You must be on the stealth path. Speaking of stealth - Jeff - where were you? Captain - even on a mountain bike you're still lapping me. I will persevere though. Shannon and Terry - missed you tonight! See you all on Thursday night!

03/20/08 = 6 miles
03/22/08 = 10.5 miles
03/25/08 = 8 miles
03/29/08 = 14.56 miles
04/01/08 = 10 miles
total miles biked = 49.06
total distance walking and biking = 91.66 miles