Thursday, February 26, 2009

White Lightening

Let's Go Parrot Head Peddlers ! I am sooooooo ready for a ride. Shannon you are going to blow us all away with all the working out you've been doing. You don't need no stinking clips !

White Lightening also needs a tune up. Need to take er in tomorrow so she'll be ready.

Love the name Big Red !

Monday, February 23, 2009

It's time!

I am so ready for our rides to start - I cannot even tell you. I've been doing all sorts of working out lately - kickboxing, elliptical, aerobic DVDs, sprints on the treadmill, and the stationary bike. But I'm missing our group and am ready for our rides! I'm so ready I was even watching the California race on Vs last week.

Big Red (I figured my bike needed a name to prove to Ray that I'm attached to it) is at R&M for a spring tune-up and new pedals. I'm still not brave enough to go clipless (why are they called 'clipless' if you clip into them?). But getting some pedals with cages that might give me a little momentum on the upswing. Right?

My neighbor got a bike over the winter and she wants to join our group when we get started. Nick got a bike for Christmas and he wants to join on some of the shorter rides as well. Kyle might have some company this year!

I'm really sad that Terry and I won't be able to make the MS Ride Dekalb this year due to the Heisler Family Reunion/wedding in Clemson, SC this year. But we plan to be there for all the group rides and pre-MS Ride events such as the Capital City Biathlon.

Sunday, February 1, 2009